About Next Era Office

Started in 2020, Next Era Office is a privately owned company based out of Reno, Nevada. Our data centers are located at secured facilities within the continental United States.

With more than two decades of expertise in government and business record management, we're on a mission to bring you the same "enterprise-class" tools found in costly software packages, all within a user-friendly interface, and at prices that cater even to small businesses.

From Our Founder:

First, let me take a moment to thank you for your interest in my latest creation.

I am a software developer who enjoys writing programs maybe a little too much. No, honestly, I may have a serious addiction to it. But I guess there is many worse things, so I haven't seeked out any professional help for it, yet.

Over the last 20+ years, I have worked with a huge variety of business applications and systems, with much of my professional career revolving around ECM systems. Throughout this time, I have worked with pretty much every type of company out there. From the individual contractors to international corporations, with much of my experience consisting of a variety of government agencies.

During this time, I have implemented or created probably hundreds of systems for these clients. From a simple website selling one product, to complex portals integrated with variety of other systems. I have seen implementations that cost just a few hundred dollars, to large scale ones that run in the millions of dollars.

One thing is for sure, many of these systems cost way too much money for what you really get in return. Sure, you can find a large variety of those "free" products, but is anything really free? Let's not even try to think of making them work together.  Your only other choices? Go out there and spend $70 or more a month, for a system that seems to only help with one or two things, and remember, that is per user. If you are a little larger, you can go spend tens or hundreds of thousand of dollars for an "enterprise system", that also only seems to handle just a couple of things. 

It is time to change this!

Ease of Use

Nobody wants a system where it takes an expert to setup, or worse, be they are the only people who can manage it. People want to get it up and running today and not spend weeks or months trying to get it to work.

Feature Rich

Next Era Office not only gives you the standard CRM features, but also a large variety of tools to help with basically every aspect of your business.

Cost Inclusive

Our competitors will cost you anywhere from a couple of hundred, to thousands of dollars per month, plus requires someone with a high degree of technical skill to even get started.

Our Commitment to Grow

Even with all of the features we currently offer, there is still a lot more to come.

While you are busy growing your business, so are we! 

Here are just some of the items currently on our development list:


Online Customer Portal

The customer portal will allow your customers and clients to access things such as open support issues, product orders and registering for events, however, we would like to include a few more features. We currently have started a basic version of this, we plan to add many other features, such as sharing documents with clients and custom forms. 


Invoicing and Quotes

Currently you can create various order types and then easily generate or send PDF copies of them. There are a couple of things we want to fine tune and many things we want to add. High on our list is integrating with other payment systems, such as PayPal, Square and other online payment systems.  We are also working on a few other interface enhancements, such as re-arranging line items, sub-totaling and cross-state/country sales and VAT taxes.


Custom Fields and Tables

Currently in progress and available to start using, Next Era Office will allow you to create custom fields on a variety of record types. We are currently working on better searching and reporting based on these fields. Soon, we plan on implementing custom tables you will be able to define and use on the various record types.


License Authorization and Automated License Generation

As a software developer that has a few pieces of software I sell on other sites, one of my biggest struggles is finding a product that will allow me to setup and manage software licenses for customers. I am also working on including a variety of license authorization features that will allow you to manage these, integrating license purchases through the online product interfaces, along with allowing custom code for the online activation and deactivation interfaces. 

While the above is not a complete road-map of what is to come or what we have on the to-do list, they are the main next steps we are working on.  We are always open for new ideas and suggestions, so feel free to send us any feedback or ideas you may have.

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Partners and Resellers

Similar to you, we greatly appreciate it when individuals promote the sale of our products. Whether it's as straightforward as referring a friend or as extensive as reselling numerous copies, we offer opportunities for everyone who recommends our products.