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Welcome to Next Era Office - Where CRM includes ERP.

Stop juggling multiple products to manage and run your business. Covering everything from sales to service, scheduling and accounting, even assets and employees - we offer tools for every aspect of your business.

Our ready to use now solutions can save you months of setup and thousands of dollars in initial costs.

A Complete Business Management Solution

  • Feature Rich CRM - All great systems usually start with some type of contact management solution. From here, you can quickly organize and access notes, documents, service contracts, members and employees, and just about everything else you want related to them.
  • Employee Management - Maybe it is as simple as keeping notes and documents, and time off requests, to more complex things, such as shift scheduling, timekeeping and payroll. We want you to have everything you need to manage your employees and along with helping your employees manage themselves.
  • Sales and Marketing - From creating quotes, to managing payments, even the ability to create complex reports, we even give your business access to client scheduling, event registration, sales pipelines, and a large variety of other sales and marketing tools.
  • Process Management - From managing projects to assigning job duties and tracking asset assignments, give your business everything it needs to keep on top of your day to day operations.
  • Business Automation - It can be as simple as creating automated notifications, quick replies and document templates, to more complex things such as expense approvals, asset depreciation and approval processes. We make this quick and easy to use.

Want a little peek?

We have put together a short 5 minute video that will quickly walk you through some of the features found in Next Era Office.

ERP solutions, at CRM prices

Not only do we provide concurrent licensing, you can easily choose what features you want to pay for, and assign these features to certain groups of users. We want to make sure our system is as cost effective as we can for you.

Basic Packages

Starting At

$ 6 per month
  • Get started with 1 GB of storage and access to many of our wonderful tools.

10 Concurrent Users
and 20 GB Storage

Starting At

$ 58 per month
  • We have many options to let you find a perfect fit for your small company or organization.

50 Users and
1 TB of Storage

Starting At

$ 5,300
per year
  • We have affordable packages for any size business you have.

Experience the Difference

Next Era Office's CRM/ERP and Business Management solutions are ready to use the minute you sign up, letting you will be up and running within a matter of minutes, not months.

Organized and Secure!

Maybe it's something as simple as having your phone or laptop stolen. Maybe something bigger, such as getting hit by ransomware. Don't let this be your companies doom.  

We are here to keep your information working for you. At Next Era Office, we take great strides in making sure you data is secure and backed up in a variety of ways.


We treat your data like our own. We will not sell it, share it, steal your contact information, let 3rd parties access or process it and we keep important information encrypted.

Your data is your data

We will never hold your data hostage. Most of our tools offer easy wizard based export features. Things most companies typically charge thousands of dollars for.

Commitment to our customers

Our customers is what makes us successful, and we are here to grow right along with you. We are not here to make back door deals or do anything that would cause our customers to loose trust in us.

We are just getting started!

Next Era Office has been under development for a little over a year, and we still have a lot on our to-do list. Our mission is to bring the same type of tools you find within software such as PeopleSoft, SAP and NetSuite, at prices and an ease of use that is inclusive to small businesses.

Please read more about our mission statement on our About page.

Feature rich, but not close to done!

We are committed to growing right along with you. We already have several new features in the works, a few things we are adding to existing features, and many more on our list to include.

This is just the beginning of what is to come.

Be up and running within minutes, with your own

60 Day Free Trial.

Want to know more?

Check out a list of the features you can start using today.