Introductory Videos

Get to know Next Era Office the easy way, with our video library.
Below, you will find some of our more popular getting started videos.

Quick Feature Introduction

In this short video, we will highlight some of the most commonly used features of Next Era Office.

Client Scheduling

Our online scheduling tools will let you setup and manage a variety of scheduling options and help keep your calendar working for you.
We even have tools for events!

Mailing Lists

From e-mail to MMS, we offer an easy to use mailing list management system that will help you stay in your customers eyes.

Automated Notifications

Setup automated notifications and choose if you want to receive them via text or email.

Please note: This video is much louder than others. We apologize, and are working on replacing it with a new recording.

Employee Scheduling

Not only do we have scheduling, we also offer a large variety of other HR and employee management tools. 

** Please Note: We have undergone a massive re-design of the welcome page. Some of these videos still show the old version, however the menus and page choices have remained the same.

Make sure to check out our help topics and video library for even more videos on the many other features you will find within Next Era Office.