Mailing Lists and Signup Forms

You can use mailing lists to allow people to sign up for emails or text messages that your company sends out. You can then create sign up forms to allow people to sign up for your mailing lists.  
You can access mailing lists, along with mailing list signup forms under the Sales / Marketing menu. There is currently no limitation on the number of lists, or sign up forms you may create and use.

The first step you need to do is create a mailing list on the "Mailing Lists" page.. You only need to provide a name for it. After you have created a mailing list, you may next want to create one or more Signup Forms. You will want to go to the Signup Forms page under the "Marketing" menu.

When creating a sign up form, you can specify the form message. This message will be shown on the top of the form when the users open it. You can also specify the "Submission Message". The submission message is what will be shown to the user after they have submitted the sign up form.

You can also create both a "Signup Response Email" and a "Signup Response Text". These will be messages that are sent to the person after they have signed up. The Text option allows you to send an MMS/SMS message to the client if they provided cell phone details when they signed up.

After you have created and saved your sign up form, you can then use the "Link" to share the page however you want.

Sending Messages

You can use mailing lists to easily send messages to everyone on it. When creating a message, you can specify both the SMS message and the email message you want to send. You can also schedule when you want the message to start.

Message Limitations

There are limites to the number of mailing list messages you may send per day to 100. If you have more contacts on your list, then the process will stop after sending the 100th message, and will resume sending the rest the next day.  If you would like to increase this limit, please visit the "Site Features" to purchase limit increases to this. 
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