Company Divisions and Departments

You can use the company divisions and departments features to better organize or control access to various information by assigning users to different departments or divisions within your origination.  
When your company record is first created, your system should have created you your first division and department within that divisions. You are free to customize your divisions and departments however best fits your companies needs.

Please Note: This feature set is currently still under review/development and is currenlty only cosmetic. Very little cross-department has been implemeted at this time, while we complete our user feedback. We have started providing the framework, and started utilizing this feature with a limited number of record types. Estimated completion date of this feature set is currently estimated around November 2022. 

Creating Divisions and Departments

From the Configuration menu, under the Employees menu, you will want to utilize the Company Departments menu option. This will take you to the list of company divisions.

Company Divisions

The largest segment of separation you can make for employees is by the Division. Each division must contain at least one department, but may contain multiple departments under them.

When you open the divisions details page, you will be able to access a list of the departments that are under them.

Company Departments

You can use company departments to segment records for better organization, or to limit users ability to see or modify records not necessary to their role.

Configuring Cross-Department Access

By default, users will only have access to records that are under their assigned division and department. You may allow users to access records from other departments based upon the security group they are a member of.

Company User Groups

User groups are the basis of all permissions within Next Era Office. Before you create different departments and divisions, it is recommended that you start utilizing user groups beforehand.

While editing a user group, you will be able to configure a list of the different divisions, or departments you would like the user group to be able to access. You also have the option to limit their permissions to read-only. Typically, their standard permissions will follow them across any divisions or departments they have access to. You may limit this by choosing 'Read Only' while configuring their access.

Attaching records to departments

When you create a new record, it is typically assigned to the same division and department you are part of.

Other Notes

  • Like all other security, the account owner and 'primary contact' will have full cross-division/department access.

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