Employee Kiosk

The Employee Kiosk allows quick access using a PIN to timekeeping functions for your employees.  


The employee kiosk is a stand-alone page that you can leave open, or create a link to, that will allow your employees to perform various tasks using a PIN instead of logging in and out.  

You can use the employee kiosk page to allow easy clock-in/clock-out and time submissions for jobs and employees do not have to be configured as a user in order to access and use this interface. 

Configuring Employee Pins

Under the Employee details page (not user properties), you will have the option to set the employees PIN number.  This number must be unique between all employees of your company.  While you can use any sized number from 1 to 18 digits in length, it is recommended that you use at least 4 or 5 digit pin numbers for all employees, even if you only have a couple of employees. 

Using the Kiosk

When you have the employee kiosk page open, you can enter your assigned PIN, then choose the task you want to perform.  

The clock-in and clock-out options will manage a job timesheet record for the employee based on the current date/time they clock in and out. 
  • This job timesheet will not be assigned to any job type or item. 
  • Users will only be allowed to clock in once, until they clock out. They also cannot clock out until they have clocked in.
  • Timesheets that are left for more than 18 hours will be considered stale and will not allow the user to clock out of.

The submit timesheet option will open a new window that will allow the employee to submit timesheet entries based on the jobs and/or job items assigned to them.  

Currently all employees are able to clock-in or clock-out, and all employees will be able to access the Submit Timesheet page. 

Publicly Available

This page is also publicly available.  The link that you can use to utilize this page will be like the following line.  


You will need to replace the # with your appropriate company id number.  The easiest way to find this is to visit your "Public URLs" page and look for the "&cid=#" value within the urls listed, then just use the number listed after this.

Important Notes
  • This page is designed so that it should keep an open session with our services active while open and should allow you to leave open indefinitely. 

  • Make sure that anyone attempting to utilize this page bookmark or use this url in all links.  Do not use the final-redirected urls or add create a bookmark after you have been re-directed.
  • Currently, we do not have an option to disable this page all-together like we do for our other public pages.

  • If there are 8 invalid pin attempts, the page will be re-directed back to the generic login page.  This is to avoid any automated type attacks on your page.  

  • If there are 3 invalid occurrences of this within a 24 hour period, the computer/device will be banned, following our standard ban rules.

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