Company Settings / Company Options

Overview of the company options page.  

Site Features
This section will allow you to turn on or off the following features for your account.

  • Enable Certification Features - This feature is not fully implemented yet, however this will allow you to manage certifications for clients.  Please check in with us for more details on this feature set.
  • Enable Support Features - This will enable support call functionality within the site.  Useful if you perform service calls for clients.
  • Enable Licensing Features - This feature will allow you to manage virtual software licensing for clients. 


Allowed Public Pages
This will allow you to turn on or off public access pages for your account. You can then use these public pages to allow users to easily access various pages for your account.

  • Contact Us - This is a simple form that will allow users to send you messages. The submitted messages will appear under the Contact Requests page, found under the Messages/Events menu.
  • Knowledgebase - This can allow you to have a publicly facing knowledgebase. You can manage this knowledgebase by going to the Support Desk menu, then under the Knowledgebase menu, choose View Knowledgebase.

  • Feedback - This page will allow users to provide feedback. You can then review this feedback and if wanted, post it to the  Listing url for others to see.

  • Public Events - This will allow users to view any events you have created that you have marked as public.  Depending on the event settngs, they can also register for the event through this page.

  • Product Issue Submission - This page will allow users to post issues about your products. In order to use this, you must first have one or more products defined under the Products menu.  You can also allow users to choose categories for each product by adding Product Issue Categories, which is found under the Config menu, under Product Related.

  • Public URL Key - This is kind of like a pin number.  It is used to ensure that links are allowed to access your public pages.  If you change this value, then any previous links that use the old pin will no longer work.  This does not need to be a complex pin and you should not use anything you normally use.


Other Features

The following items are listed, however not fully implemented and will not be fully available to you at this time.  If you have a desire to use one of these feature sets, please contact us for more information.  For now, we left some options here to spark an interest.

Registered Client Portal Items
This will allow you to setup a portal for clients to register accounts and track support issues, support contracts and certifications that your company manages.  Check in with us for more details on this feature set.


Email Account Settings - General / Sales / Support
These areas will allow you to setup your own email account information for the three types of email accounts that may be used with NextEra Office.  Often, when sending a message, you will have an option to choose which email account you want to send the message using

  • General Email Account  - This account is used for all general type of emails. This could be configured the 'noreply' or default email account.

  • Sales Email Account - This would be used for any type of sales type emails, such as quotes and invoices.

  • Support Email Account - This account would be used for email exchanges with clients regarding product support issues.


Payment System
This area will allow you to setup on online payment for products listed on your public facing pages.  You will need to setup your own account with the specified payment vendor, then you will need to provide the various API keys from the vendor to enter in to here.  Once this is complete, when users choose to purchase one of your products online, the specified payment vendor will be used to handle the online payment.

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