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This is a first time help topic shown when users register a new account with Next Era Office.  
Getting Started  

It is recommended you go through the contents of this help document. You can also come back to this document under our "Site Help". You can skip this and access the main dashboard by clicking the Home icon on the top left corner of this page.

Quick Introduction Video

Take a few minutes to watch our introductory video to help you quickly get started with Next Era Office.

Home Dashboard

After you log in, you will be taken to the Home Dashboard. You can view various information and access common tasks on the Dashboard interface. You can use this to quicky see live data and quickly access common tasks. You can also customize the dashboard items, if you would like to better refine what you or your employees see.

Quick Access - You can use the icons on each dashboard item to quickly access pages related to the item.


Navigating Records

Search and Filter

Often, when looking at a list of records, on the left side of the screen will be search or filter options to help limit the records listed. Some record types offer a 'global search' option on the top right side of the window, typically near the Gear button.

From this button, you can also choose to show or hide search and filters, do an advanced search, and other functions.

Viewing Records

To open a record from the list, you will typically need to use either the View or Edit button.

In this area, you may also find other useful buttons or links.

Getting Started Videos

Under the Help menu, you can find our Video Library. Here you can find various videos to help you with using or customizing Next Era Office.

Trial Period Notes

During your trial period, you will have access to all of the features we offer. This will allow you to explore and evaluate them you decide on what you want to include with your subscription. To view a complete list of our available features, please visit the Explore Features page, found under the Help menu. When you are ready to purchase, you will want to choose what features you want available.

Concurrent, not Named Licenses

Next Era Office uses a "concurrent user" licensing model. This means that you can create any number of users and only have to purchase licenses for the total number of users that will be in the system at one time. Under your Manage Subscription configuration menu, you can access your licensing. You can then assign licenses to your User Groups, found under the security configuration menu.

Tailoring Next Era Office

Next Era Office offers a variety of ways to tailor it for your organization. From modifying what drop-down lists contain, to adding custom page headers and customizing your notifications and automated messages. Once you are ready to customize Next Era Office, you will want to explore the various choices under the Config menu.

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