Employee Management

Next Era Office provides several tools to help manage your employees.

"Employees" Compared to "Users"

Your employee list and user list will share the same set of records. When you access a user as an 'employee', you will access more of a HR type of interface for them. If you access them as a 'user', you will access more of a login/security interface for them.

Please Note:
Creating an employee will not automatically allow them to login. You will have to access the users record under the Company Users interface to setup a login for them.

Before You Begin

These are not required before you create employees, but we recommend that you set these up before you begin creating a lot of employees.

Config Menu -> Company Settings -> Office Locations
This will allow you to define a location where an employee works.

Viewing/Adding Employees

You can access a list of your employees by going to the Employees List menu, found under Employees -> Manage employees.

After adding an employee, you can then keep track of a variety of records for them.

Employee Interactions

Under the Employees menu, you and your employees will be able to access most of the records that are related to an employee.  This includes viewing their schedule, entering mileage, expense reports or leave requests.

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