Public Page URLs

Next Era Office easily gives you the ability to provide public access to various things.  This may be some form the user is filling out, or access to particular records.  In order to to this, you will need to share your public urls.

You can access what the urls are for your site, by going to the Config menu, then under Company Options, choose Public URLs.

Your public urls are broken down into what is available for public access, meaning users can get to it without logging in, and what urls are available for only registered users. Registered users will need to create an account within your system before they will be able to access the url.

Please Note:
Registered users are not the same as standard users. Please see the help documentation for 'Registered Users' to learn more about creating and managing registered users.

Public Issue Submissions

The public issue submission form will allow your customers to submit issues they may have with their products.  These submitted items will then show up under Submitted Issues.

Before you start sharing this form, there must be at least one product defined,

Optionally, but recommended:  After you create your products, you will probably want to setup categories for these issues under the Product Issue Categories menu option, under Config, under Product Related.

Product Feedback Submissions

This form will allow your customers to submit feedback about your products. Feedback that is submitted on this form will show up under Clients, Reports, Submitted Feedback.

Feedback Listing

This page will allow users to see a listing of feedback submitted. In order for feedback to be listed here, the person submitting the feedback has to select that they want it listed publicly, and you must approve the feedback under the Submitted Feedback listing.

Contact Request Form

This form will allow users to submit a basic message to you.  These submissions will then show up under Messages / Events, under Contact Requests.

Client Registration

This will allow your customers to register an account within your system. They can then use this account to access various other records.

You can access your registered clients under the Support Desk menu, under Registered Contacts.

Scheduling Requests

The scheduling requests interface will allow clients to submit when they would like particular services performed.

Before you share this link, you will want to make sure you have setup one or more Scheduling Choices and one or more Scheduling Timeslots under the Config menu, under Company Settings.

These requests will show up under Messages/Events, on the Schedule Requests list. You can then approve or postpone these requests.

Note:  This feature is still under development.

Public Issue Tracking

The public issue tracking interface will allow clients who have submitted support issues to be able to view and update their support issues with notes and

Note:  This feature is still under development.

Public Product Listing

The public product page will allow you to provide a list of products available.  In order for products to be listed here, you must have selected Allow Online Purchase on the products details page, under Online.

Note:  This feature is still under development.

Document Portal

The document portal will allow you to give registered users access to documents you have stored related to them.  For a document to be visible to the contact, you must select Allow Client Access under the documents record.

Note:  This feature is still under development.

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