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  Description Feature Set Status
Updated auditing interface using standardized auditing thru out all major and most minor record types, along with reporting interface, allowing better searching and filtering of the audit log information. Security Pending Documentation
Allow creation of custom reports. Currently being fully implemented. Custom Reports In Development
We are currently also working on 'Appointment Scheduling', which will allow your customers to request appointments based on locations and hours you define. Appointment Scheduling Available for Testing
Added the ability for users to create their own custom headers for internal, public and registered users. Custom Branding Pending Documentation
Updated user groups to allow defining particular permissions, such as add/edit/delete to different record types. Security Complete
Added ability to add notes to product enhancements. Products Pending Documentation
Added quick filter tabs to documents, contacts and other records that limits the list to active only, starred, personal, new, inactive, deleted and other similar categorizations. Interface Changes Pending Documentation
Added Starred and Recently Deleted categories to Contacts, Prospects, and Documents. Interface Changes Pending Documentation
Added tabs to various lists to help organize the records. Examples of this is the 'Active/New/Inactive' tabs available for contacts, companies and messages. Interface Changes Pending Documentation
We will be implementing a few interface additions to assist with tracking what jobs require scheduling, along with better breakdowns of scheduled employees based on branch or job locations. Employee Management In Development
We are currently working on the ability to define custom record flags for various record types, based on record values or custom fields. Interface Changes In Development
Update view pages with better page headers that include an action button, menu to jump to record sections, along with custom user flags on various record types Interface Changes In Development
We are currently working on an employee kiosk interface to allow easy access for employees to clock in or out using their employee pin number. Employee Management In Development
We are in the process of adding the ability to limit the different features you show under a products record based on the type of product it is. We are currently working on the actual hiding of the items on the products page itself. Security In Development
Setup ability to send notifications as soon as various public entries are performed, such as 'feedback', 'submit issue' and other similar forms. Notifications Available for Testing
Registered Clients will allow you to setup a sign-in process for your customers. They can then access records associated to their account/company. Registered Clients Internal Testing
We plan on implementing custom forms that you can build and use online. This feature is pending the completion on the 'Custom Fields' feature. Custom Forms Under Review
We are currently working on a way to add your own custom fields to most items. This will include Assets, Clients, Companies, Products and other items. Custom Fields In Development