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Quick Feature Overview (Video) In this short video, we will quickly introduce you to a few of the most common features found within Next Era Office. 408
Introduction to Client and Company Records (video) In this video I give a quick walkthrough on accessing your various client records within Next Era Office's ERP system, along with giving an quick explanation on using category based access to limit access for these record types. 325
Dashboards Overview (video) With Next Era Office, you can define dashboards containing panels that will quickly give you information related to various aspects of your business, along with allowing you to quickly access these types of records. 322
Online Client Scheduling (video) Learn how to setup online client scheduling within your Next Era Office account. 311
Creating a Mailing List (video) In this short video, we walk you through the basic steps of creating a mailing list, along with a signup form for the mailing list. We also show how the signup form is used and how users can choose if they want email or text messages, and also how to create a message for your mailing list. 334
Configuring Automated Notifications (video) In this video, we go through configuring what users and groups get what automatic notifications and how to customize them. 317
Project Management Overview (Video) In this video, we will show how you can access your project list along with managing the associated task lists. 335