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Boost your business to new heights with Next Era Office—a comprehensive solution that combines powerful tools, streamlined workflows, and advanced features to drive productivity, efficiency, and growth.


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Scheduling Tools

Prepare for a scheduling revolution with Next Era Office! Our platform is your gateway to a streamlined world of online client scheduling, employee scheduling, and event registration. Say goodbye to appointment chaos, resource allocation headaches, and cumbersome registration processes. With Next Era Office, it's all seamlessly managed within a centralized platform, empowering your business to operate at its most efficient and convenient best.

Marketing Tools

Unleash the power of unlimited mailing lists and customizable sign-up forms with Next Era Office's cutting-edge marketing tools. Seamlessly usher potential customers into your sales pipeline and take full control of every interaction. Whether you're nurturing leads or managing customer relationships, our platform makes it effortless. Don't just manage your marketing – master it with Next Era Office!

Project and Task Management

Picture this: unlimited projects and jobs at your fingertips, complete with customizable templates for effortless creation. Say goodbye to the headache of manual assignments – our system automatically handles user and asset allocation, tracks time, and manages expenses seamlessly. It's time to revolutionize the way you manage your workforce and supercharge your business for success. Don't miss out – embrace the future of project management with Next Era Office today!

Full Range of Customization's

Unlock a world of possibilities with Next Era Office's extensive customization options. From tailored notifications and record flags to personalized page branding and dynamic approval queues, our platform puts you in control. Need to capture specific data? No problem – create custom fields effortlessly.  Elevate your business with limitless customizations at your fingertips, tailored to your unique needs. Experience the true power of customization and take your business to the next level with Next Era Office today!

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Get ready to experience more than just a CRM! Our all-in-one platform brings you a treasure trove of powerful tools, all united under one intuitive interface. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple systems and embrace the simplicity of having everything you need at your fingertips. Don't wait – click that "signup" button now and unlock the future of streamlined business management with Next Era Office!

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Project Management

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Packages for any size business

From the sole-props to companies having hundreds of employees, we offer competitive pricing to fit any sized organization.

Basic Packages

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$ 6 per month*
  • Get a standard user license with 1 GB of storage to get you started.

10 Concurrent Users
and 20 GB Storage

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$ 58 per month*
  • We have many options to let you find a perfect fit for your small company or organization.

200 Users with
10 TB of Storage

Starting At

$ 30k
per year*
  • We even packages available for any sized organization.

* Prices may vary, dependent on optional features enabled.

Easy to Use

We provide an easy to use interface that is ready to use from the moment you create your account. No need to spend months getting it set up.

Mobile Friendly

Not only will you have access using basically any device, we even offer a variety of text messaging options to bring you into the mobile world.


Make sure the right employees see the right information, and the wrong employees do not, based on user permissions, record categories or by department.

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